Staten Island’s Rock Sculpture Garden Demolished

Today I visited the Lemon Creek Fishing Pier with the intention of visiting a rock sculpture garden that was a short walk away on what is called the Mount Loretto Shoreline.  The last time I visited the beautiful rock sculptures was in 2007.  The sculptures were made by Doug Schwartz.  He had been working on the garden for 15 years.

Rock Garden on a small strip of Staten Island’s shoreline in 2007.  My dog Mary taking it in.  The rock garden probably wasn’t more than 100 feet of shoreline that had no other use.

I was totally amazed today to see that the rock sculpture garden no longer existed. I thought it was one of the most creative and beautiful works of art in Staten Island. I just can’t believe what happened. See this article about how Schwartz was ordered to tear it down–DEC rids Staten Island Beach of rock sculptures

Rock Garden on Mount Loretto Beach, Staten Island in 2007
Rock Sculptures

Below:  This is what the rock garden looks like now.  It’s not an area of beach that many people ever go to. The only reason people ever went there was to see the rock sculptures. It’s just a short strip of rocky sand, as you can see in my photo with my dog at the top. It’s too rocky for swimming or sunbathing.

Present Site of Rock Garden.  In demolishing the garden, the rocks went from organized to disorganized.  Art is imposing organization on disorganization.  

I just can’t believe that the most interesting artistic work on Staten Island was torn down because a few people said it compromised the inconsequential Staten Island coastline.  There are still rocks along the same shoreline.  They look like debris.

Charles G. Hogg, aka Staten Island Chuck

Below is a video of Doug Schwartz in his job at the Staten Island Zoo. He handles Staten Island Chuck at the Staten Island Zoo.

This is a photo of a tower on the beach next to where the rock garden once existed. The DEC doesn’t think that this tower ruins the integrity of the coast line, but a work of art like the sculpture garden does. Kids like to climb on the tower, which seems dangerous to me.

Check out a previous post I did (October 2007) on the Rock Sculpture Garden that is on another blog of mine.  It has many more photos of it.  I loved to take my dog there to walk around.