88 Pianos Set Up on the Streets of NYC for Public Playing

Last Summer, New York City, including all 5 boroughs, had 60 pianos set up on the streets for anyone to sit down and play if so inclined.

This summer they are back and even better.  Besides being 88 this summer, each one is designed by an artist.

Today I saw two of them, the one located in battery park and the one in front of the Main Public Library on 5th Avenue.  When I arrived at the Battery Park piano, it was still quite early in the morning and no one was around to play. The decoration was a work of art. Above in the header for this post is a picture of how the keys on the piano were decorated.

The Piano in Battery Park at 8:00 a.m. It's between the Castle and the River.

My film I made from my day in Manhattan today. The sound is terrible because there was so much street noise.  After all, it was at 5th Avenue and 42nd St.  The film features Jeff Spurgeon and Naomi Lewin, who are DJs at the New York radio station WQXR, and who were the hosts of this event on Tuesday at the public piano in front of the main library.

Post Script: Below is another piano that is at Snug Harbor in Staten Island that I saw today on 6/26/11. They lucked-out to get a grand instead of an upright, but this piano was being completely ignored. I felt sorry for it. It wasn’t painted with the same artistic integrity as the other pianos I’ve seen.

Piano at Snug Harbor, Staten Island