In Remembrance of my Father on this Memorial Day 2010

John T. Alstrom, Jr. (1914-1984) Veteran of WWII and Korea

Father was primarily in the Aleutian Islands during WWII. In Korea, he lost a leg when he stepped on a land mine. After that he left the military and moved to Monterey Park, California. My parents were divorced by that time.

Father, Mother and me around 1945
Father, Mother and me in Germany 1947


Father always smoked a pipe

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Midland Beach from above.
Midland Beach from above.  Three layers left to right.  tire tracks, beach, ocean. The tire tracks are from a tractor cleaning the beach.

Midland Beach meets the Atlantic Ocean
Midland Beach shore line with the Atlantic Ocean

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

[header photo — Prince’s Bay was it’s original name.  However, after a time, people began calling it and writing it as Princess Bay. When I was visiting a boat yard there, I saw an official-looking sign that said “Princess Bay.”  This is a situation where a mistake has turned into the accepted truth.  It’s actually where Raritan Bay boarders Staten Island. Of course, this is all part of the Atlantic Ocean.]

Where the Atlantic Ocean washes up on Midland Beach on the south shore of Staten Island.
Where the Atlantic Ocean washes up on Midland Beach on the south shore of Staten Island.  You can see people fishing on end of pier.  I took this photo the day after Hurricane Irene in 2011.  Hurricane’s seem to leave very beautiful and dramatic skies in their aftermath.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

The first thing I thought of when I thought the word “fresh” was fruit and vegetables, but I think that was mainly because I am more interested in eating than I would prefer.   Then I thought of sunrise.  Sunrise is the start of a new day, and new and fresh are antonyms.  Every sunrise is a fresh start in life–on one level at least.  With a beautiful sunrise, even Brooklyn can look good.

"Sunrise Over Brooklyn (2007)"
“Sunrise Over Brooklyn” (2007)

This is how the sun rise looks early every morning from most anywhere along Staten Island’s South Shore.

Day 4 After Sandy in Staten Island

I lived in a bungalow in Midland Beach, Staten Island for 15 years. [see my post –“An Afternoon at Midland Beach, Staten Island, USA ] therefore, I was anxious to go look at it and see if my old house were still there. I got there by walking down New Dorp Lane to New Dorp Beach, then walking on the beach to Midland Beach, which is the next beach down from New Dorp. I walked along the beach which was entirely empty of people, except at first I saw one man with a camera like me, but he left. I saw a dead dog on the beach, but I didn’t take a Picture of it. It was awful. The air was clear and the sky was the most beautiful I had ever seen it.

Walking down New Dorp Lane to New Dorp Beach.

I walked along the beach from New Dorp to Midland Beach without seeing another person. Then I walked up Midland Avenue to Kiswick St, where I used to live, and looked at my old house. It didn’t look injured from the outside, which surprised me because it was very inured and fragile when I was living in it, which was one reason I moved. I then continued walking up Midland Avenue to Hylan Blvd. where on the corner they have a MacDonalds. I was exhausted by this time. I had been walking for over two hours, and my back was starting to hurt. I had breakfast at MacDonald before continuing on my journey to end up at home again.

This is New Dorp Beach. Man at far right was another photographer. You can see all the debris on the beach. It doesn’t normally look like that.  There was a dead dog, who looked as though he died in agony, but I photographed the scene above it.  The land in the far distance is New Jersey.

This is where New Dorp Beach fades into Midland Beach, looking towards Brooklyn. You can see the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in the far distance on the left.  At the end of the land in the distance on the right is Coney Island in Brooklyn.  Strangely, there were no seagulls on the beach, but I saw one dead one.

Walking along the beach I came across some one’s front porch sitting on the beach near the water. It has the address of 15 on it. There was also a chair on the porch sitting entirely upright.  Maybe someone had been sitting it and looking at the magnificent view.

In Staten Island there is a tremendous gasoline shortage going on. These are just a portion of the people lined up with their containers to get a few gallons of gas at the station on Hylan Blvd. and New Dorp Lane. There was also a line of cars at least a mile long to get gas.