New York Subway Art

Tribeca Resident, Elizabeth Murray (1940-2007) (Photo copied from the NY Times Internet site) at 59th Street Subway Station in front of her Mural.

On flicker, where I put most of my photography, I’ve started a new set of photos that I named Subway Art. I’m trying to make a photo essay of the art that appears in New York Subway Stations, some of it by very famous artists like Roy Lichtenstein, whose mural in the Times Square subway station I presented in this blog on August 19, 2010. Today I visited the Elizabeth Murray mural in the subway station at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue.  It’s so huge, however, I could only photograph pieces of it.  As you can see, her art is very whimsical.  It’s all done in mosaic tile, as is all of the subway art that I’ve seen so far, because that’s what lasts.

Elizabeth Murray's Mural at 59th Street Subway Station
Elizabeth Murray’s Mural at 59th Street and Lexington Ave. Subway Station
Section of Mural by Elizabeth Murray in the Subway Station at 59th St. and Lexington Ave.
Section of Mural by Elizabeth Murray in 59th St. Subway Station
Elizabeth Murray
An Elizabeth Murray mosaic at the 23rd St. and Ely Ave. Station in Queens
Mosaic Mural by Al Held
Mural by Al Held at 53rd and Lexington St. Subway Station
One of Elizabeth Murray’s Teacups

Elizabeth Murray liked to use tea cups as an image in her work and is known for them. Because of that the 59th Street subway station has mosaic tea cups all over the place. tea cups with tea in them, which you can see that her tea cups has, because their is steam coming up, is a symbol of love and friendship.

Yesterday ran into another Elizabeth Murray at the Museum of Modern Art. I decided to put it in here even though it’s not in a subway. She also has one work of art at the Metropolitan.

Elizabeth Murray Painting at MOMA

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