The Canals in Venice, California

A Scene on the Canals

On my recent visit to L.A., the first place I wanted to visit was the area of the Venice Canals in Venice, California.  I lived there in a one-bedroom apartment at 440 Howland Canal, almost 50 years ago, when I was attending Santa Monica College.  At that time, I paid $40/month rent.  My apartment was still there, but now surfaced in a lovely brown shade of stucco.

The canals have a very interesting history.  Abbot Kinney, who first designed Venice, California in 1905 was in love with Venice, Italy, and he modeled the canals, after the canals in Venice. Italy.  Today, there is a main street named after him.

House on Canals

The water in the canals is much cleaner now than when I lived there, 50 years ago,  because they never cleaned the canals, they were perpetually covered with moss and plants from the sea. If I remember correctly, there was a small outlet between the canals and the ocean. The canals have the most beautiful landscaping I’ve ever seen. Using tropical plants, many well-manicured palm trees, and numerous varieties of succulents.

Many people who live in the houses on the canals also have boats.
Another House I Liked

I’ve always loved living in that neighborhood because it’s so unique.  The canals were completely renovated in the early 1990’s and have mostly beautiful and expensive homes.  What I loved most, the ducks and the boats on the water are still there.

House on Venice, California, Canals
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My Friend Linda of Playa Del Rey on a Venice Canal When we Visited
Old Friend Dr. Frank Clayman Cook in his home on the Canals