The Pigeon — Photos (1984-2012)

I love pigeons. I feed them every day.

Pigeon on my windowsill. (1984) Los Angeles.

Open Shaft Way

Pigeon on Anderson Avenue, Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY

The Take Off

I printed this photo in negative mode and it came out with one of my favorite color combinations.

Pigeons Eating Breakfast.  I’ve discovered that pigeons like cornflakes, so I give them some, and I mix it with oats.  They get tired of just stale bread crumbs.

The contrast between the urban world and the natural world has always interested me. It’s as if nothing can be so completely urban as to keep all nature out.

The Trio

Pigeon showing off for my camera.  I feed the pigeons every day, so they are getting to know me, and are not afraid to get close to me, which helps me a lot with my photographing them.

Red Car, Staten Island

On the Street Where I Live

Blue Pigeon in Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY