People Pictures

Isaac Breshniv Singer walking down Broadway in NYC (1985)
Frank Tomsick, San Francisco Architect
Matthew Gabriele (cerca 1990) Neighbor in Staten Island
Gerald McCue, Architect
Friends in San Francisco (1984) Poet Gregory Corso (bottom left)
Selfie , San Francisco (1982)
Ruth Orkin, Photographer, San Francisco 1983

Remembering my years Living in San Francisco (1979-1984)

(This was when I really took up photography. I took a class from a teacher in Oakland and learned how to print from him. I did all my own printing during this time. I never printed again after digital photography came into being)

This is a selfie taken in my hotel room in North Beach. The whole time I lived in San Francisco, I only lived in Hotel Rooms, but they had great views. I always have lots of plants and books no matter where I live. Shirt I bought it Chinatown. I didn´t know what the symbol said, but I think it was something sexy by the way Chinese men looked at me on the street when I wore it.
San Francisco Bay. with Golden Gate Bridge During these years I was very much into hand coloring photos that I took in B&W.
The Corner of Broadway and Columbus Avenue. Photo taken from my room at the Hotel Americana
North Beach up to Hob Hill.
William F. Burroughs at City Lights Bookstore cerca 1983
Romolo Avenue, North Beach, San Francisco
Window Washer. I took photo one day at work as I was looking out of my panoramic window from where I worked for an architectural firm on Clay St. (photo is hand-tinted)

In Remembrance of my Father on this Memorial Day 2010

John T. Alstrom, Jr. (1914-1984) Veteran of WWII and Korea

Father was primarily in the Aleutian Islands during WWII. In Korea, he lost a leg when he stepped on a land mine. After that he left the military and moved to Monterey Park, California. My parents were divorced by that time.

Father, Mother and me around 1945
Father, Mother and me in Germany 1947


Father always smoked a pipe

A Few Recent Photos

(taken with my new Nikon Coolpix B850 camera)

Helen, I one of three cats who live outside in back of my building. I feed them every morning and night. Even though they are community cats they have been fixed. They are quite tame, but are still a little scared of people like all homeless cats.

A neighborhood pidgeon her in Port Richmond, Staten Island.

Frances, one of the outdoor cats. I named her after my mother.

La Noche, One of the 3 cats who live behind my apartment building

Merry Christmas from Gayle

A little bit of art work I did to hang in the Arts & Crafts room of the senior home I live in.


Christmas Construction


Today, Dec. 8, First snow day in Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY

Major John T. Alstrom, Jr., (1914-1984), Veterans Day 2017

Remembering my Father, John T. Alstrom, Jr., on Veteran’s Day 2017. Served in China & Aleutian Island during WWII and in Korea where is lost a leg when he stepped on a landmine.


Father in China during WWII

Father receiving Purple Heart for getting his leg blown off.