Merry Christmas from Gayle

A little bit of art work I did to hang in the Arts & Crafts room of the senior home I live in.


Christmas Construction


Today, Dec. 8, First snow day in Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY

Dark Days of Winter in Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY

All I’m doing these days is watching snow come down.  Keeping lots of food outside for the homeless cats and birds.  Knitting while watching TV or Inspector Morris videos on YouTube. I’m trying to read (“Crime & Punishment”), but reading makes me sleepy so then I go on Twitter to wake me up and end up being there for an hour or two.  And making op art/zentangle pictures:  below are some examples:


A Bridge Between the Past and the Future

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

verrazanoBridge2010Verrazano Narrows Bridge serving as a metaphor:  Crossing a bridge from the past to the future.

 [Verrazano Narrows Bridge connects Staten Island to Brooklyn, which most people have to cross to get to Manhattan when driving]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

The 4 Seasons in Staten Island


Spring at High Rock Park
Spring at High Rock Park
floorGreenbelt, June 2012
The Floor of the Greenbelt in June when covered with ferns
Autumn at Wolf's Pond
Autumn at Wolf’s Pond
fdr boardwalk winter
Winter at the Sea Breeze Pier at Midland Beach, South Shore of Staten Island

Optimism During a Snow Storm–Revisited

In response to the Post Weekly photo challenge: Optimistic

Yesterday, when I posted Optimism During a Snow Storm, I was using photos from past storms.  Then just today we got a blizzard here in Staten Island.  I’ve been out all morning taking photos.

Man optimistic about shoveling snow in the middle of a blizzard.
Frank, who lives in the same senior home as myself, buying provisions from Kuma at our local 5-eleven at Castleton and Port Richmond Road.
Frank, who lives in the same senior home as myself, buying provisions from Kuma at our local 5-eleven Deli at Castleton and Port Richmond Road in Port Richmond, Staten Island.  Lots of beer being sold.  Beer helps people be optimistic, no doubt. 

Optimism During a Snow Storm

In response to the Post Weekly photo challenge: Optimistic

Since a snow storm is supposed to happen tonight, I have snow on the brain.  These are photos of people showing optimism during a snow storm.

This person is optimistic that he can push his car to get it going again.  He better call AAA.
These people are optimistic that they will be able to get to where they want to go in their car.  Dream on.



Street Writing in Staten Island, NY, USA

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: ALpHabeT

(Above sign appeared in Midland Beach day after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.)


MuRal at Bay Terrace and Port Richmond Avenue


MuRal – Close Up



Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

In response to the Post Weekly Photo Challenge:  Weightless

The first thing that came to my mind on this subject, and of something that I might have a photo of, was clouds.  Especially clouds at sunrise.  When it’s a new day and the weight of the world has not yet hit us.

These photos I took on Raritan Bay in Staten Island, NY, where I used to take my dog for walks early in the morning and watch the sun come up.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

While out walking, seeing a wild animal unexpectedly is really a treat.

White Tailed Deer
Ran into a white-tailed deer while walking in Staten Island’s Greenbelt area near Rockland Avenue.


Turtle I unexpectedly came upon in Central Park.
Even more of a treat when a person comes upon a wild animal in the middle of New York City.  Turtle I unexpectedly came upon in Central Park.  Is he looking back at me?  Probably not.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Treat.”