Anti-Trump Marches And Rallies Planned For April 15

Marches and rallies are now being planned for April 15 to get Trump to release his taxes.  First President since Nixon not to do so. [if he changes his mind before April 15th, disregard this blog]


I didn’t take this photo, but thought it so cute, I wanted to show it to everyone. Believe it was from the Washington DC march

“If you use “alternative facts” on your IRS filings it’s called tax evasion, and you go to prison for fraud. Just saying”…George Takei

The Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal photo linked to site.on subject.

After reading on the Internet about the bullet journal, I decided to start keeping one.  The bullets are supposedly to help the writer to focus.  It worked for me.  This is my bullet journal entry for yesterday.

October 24, 2015

•       6:00 a.m. Fed the stray cats outside and the birds (saw only  2 cats this morning.)

•      9:00 a.m. #53 bus to YMCA on Broadway in Staten Island, to workout.  (3 years ago, when I turned 70, I decided to always go to the gym and workout on my birthday).

•      Brought canned goods to YMCA for their October food drive.

•      10:00 a.m. From YMCA took #53 bus going south on Broadway to Hylan Blvd and Clove Road.  Transferred to Express #1 bus going into Manhattan, after buying and eating apple turnover at deli.  Exercising makes me hungry.

•      After sitting though a massive traffic jam on 6th Avenue in the West Village, taking up 1/2 hour of my day, I disembarked bus on 14th Street, along with most of the other passengers, who had had just about enough. (Weather cool and cloudy.  Not pleasant).

•      Walked up to Bed Bath & Beyond on 6th and 18th Street to use their restroom.

•      Woman stopped to ask me why the traffic had stopped and so many policemen.  I said I didn’t know for sure, but I thought it was either a demonstration that they were policing, or they were filming a movie.  Someone on the bus said they saw a movie truck, but I didn’t know for sure.  “If it was a movie,” the woman said, “then were all those policemen (maybe 100) real or just actors?”  Who knew?

•      I had seen a large group of what looked like demonstrators holding up signs, but the group (at least 100) seemed too-well organized.  Everyone was holding their sign up about the same height and not moving.  A real demonstration would be more chaotic.  But, what do I know?  (see below:  it really was a demonstration)

•      Ended up spending $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond: Celestial Seasons Chai pumpkin spice tea, a belt rack, and a yogurt that I then stood outside Bed Bath & Beyond on 6th Ave. and devoured.  (If you’re out and about in NYC, Bed Bath & Beyond has great restrooms–no purchase required).

•      Visited a couple of other stores that I frequent in that area:  Blicks art supply (spent $16), Michaels (got out without spending any more money.  Don’t know how that happened.)

•      After getting a little more spending money from a Bank of America Kiosk, I walked to Union Square on 14th Street from 6th Avenue and 23rd St.  (about 15 minutes or maybe a mile).

•      Bought a mini tuna salad sandwich, a small bag of store-made tortilla chips and 2 vitamin-enhanced drinks at the Whole Foods Market on 14th. ($8).  Ate sandwich and 1 drink in Whole Foods dining area.  Saved the tortilla chips and 1 drink. Over heard people talking on their cell phones about trying to find jobs, etc.  Just like on the bus.  I find this annoying.  Upon leaving Whole Foods, found discarded paper-back book on Roman Mythology.

•      4.00 p.m. approximately–walked to another Blick’s Art Supply, this one on 13th Street–just around the corner from Whole Foods, and spent $10 more for 3 double-pointed brush markers (black, dark yellow & brown).  Really like them.  I buy art supplies, i.e., markers, and then a month later I find a product I like better than what I had been using, so my art supply collection just keeps growing and taking up more room.

•      Sat down on bench at bus stop on Broadway, between 14th & 15th) to wait for #10 express bus home to Port Richmond, Staten Island.  Starting to feel really tired.  Remember, I had already spent 45 minutes working out before ever coming into the city.  Usually after I work out, I go home, eat, and fall asleep for about a 2-hour nap.  I hate doing that, but I do it anyway. Hoped bus would come fast so I could relax for the 1 to 2 hour trip home, depending on traffic.

•      Sitting and waiting at bus stop, read in Mythology book about Zeus and Hera, his primary wife (he really screwed around a lot).  All those Roman names of Gods, I can’t ever remember.

•      Also sitting on the bench was a very pretty young girl–model type.  She was posing for a woman taking photos of her.  I figured the woman was trying to build a portfolio for her so that maybe she could get modelling work.  When they spoke, it wasn’t English.  Maybe Russian.  Lots of pretty Russian women in NYC.

•      After an hour, the bus had never showed up.  Darkness creeping in.  Really tired now, more from just waiting than anything else.  Pretty girl and woman had left a long time before.

•      Finally, took #1 Express Bus as an alternative.  On trip home, the night overtook the City.

•      Transferred on Hylan Blvd. in Staten Island to the #53 which brought me home faster than I ever expected.  I discovered an alternative route for getting home from the City, which is faster than my usual #10 route.  Made it in an hour once I got on the bus.  It seems that buses play a big part in my life.

•     7:10  p.m. Arrived home at last:  fell asleep after quick dinner.  I had literally shopped until I dropped.

Anyway, if you are still reading this stuff, you get the idea of the bullet journal.  Even though, I had my camera with me yesterday, I didn’t manage to take any photos, but I did do a little doodling on the bus.  Since it’s hard to draw on a moving bus, it’s better for me to keep those doodles private.You will be happy to hear, I’m not going to keep my journal on the internet.


UPDATE:  10/25 — I just heard on the news that there really was a demonstration yesterday in Manhattan–against police brutality.  Many people participated, but the news is mostly about Quentin Tarantino demonstrating, which only shows how much attention a celebrity can bring to an event.  See photos–header and below.


Influx of Women and Children at the USA’s Southern Border with Mexico

The following expresses my opinion on this matter:

Psalm 82:3-5

Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy.

Deliver the poor and needy; free them from the hand of the wicked.

They do not know, nor do they understand.  They walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are unstable.

(this doesn’t mean only if they are United States citizens, as the Republicans seems to think.)

Hebrews 3:1-3

Let brotherly love continue.  Do not be negligent in showing hospitality, for in doing so some entertained angels without knowing it.  Keep in mind those who are in prison as if you are in prison with them, and the ill-treated as though you are suffering physically yourselves.



Today is an Historic Day – October 1, 2013


To sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare] Click here.

Photo from 1995. I hope they saved the sign, so they can bring it out again.

Despite Federal Employees not being paid, the Congressmen will still get paid.

I Love TV
I Love TV

Obama Lights Up Staten Island

Last Thursday, November 15, President Obama visited Staten Island’s South shore where Hurricane Sandy hit the hardest. He met with first responders and people who had been badly hurt by the storm.

Obama at Miller Field [Miller Field on the South Shore was an Army Base during WW II, but is now a public park]

Mitt Romney’s Tax Story Slowly Being Revealed

United Automobile Workers (UAW) and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) have just charged Romney with hiding between 15.3 to 11.5 million dollars from the auto industry bailout in his wife Anne’s “blind” trust to conceal the gain and reduce taxes on it.

At Home in Staten Island with Hurricane Sandy

Update: 10/30/12–4:00 p.m–Last night right after I wrote the below update, my electricity went off, and it just now came back on.  I listened all day to a battery operated radio instead of watching TV and being on the Internet half of the day.  I wasn’t expecting the power to come back on so fast.  It was out all over my neighborhood.  All the stores were closed.  On the radio, Con Ed said it was going to be 4 days off if one lived in Manhattan or Brooklyn and a week every where else, so I was really surprised when it came on so fast.

Update: 10/29/12–7:51 p.m.–It’s very scary.  I live on the 3rd floor of a brick building, so I feel safe from damage or flooding.  My only real danger is my power going out.  My internet went down and I turned my computer off, but I just turned it on again and it came back on.  I have Time-Warner as my service.  They seem pretty good.  There’s nothing on TV except for the storm news.  I live near a fire station and I just heard fire trucks with sirens go by.  My cat is sleeping and seems oblivious to all that is going on.

How downtown Manhattan looks on 10/29/12 at 8:00 p.m.  Photo from The Gothamist.

Update: 10/29/12–6:53 p.m.–It’s starting to get scary.  The wind is terrible.  However, I haven’t lost power.  I hope I don’t lose power because I have a lot of food in my refrigerator.  If I stop updating, it will because I’ve lost power.

Update: 10/29/12–4:49 p.m. — I just went outside. The wind is pretty bad but it comes in gusts. I almost got knocked over by a gust. Earlier today I left peanuts out under a tree for some squirrels that I feed everyday and the peanuts were gone when I just looked. It’s not cold at all. I’m glad I got photos of the autumn leaves when they were still on the trees, because after this, the trees will probably be bare.


Since I can’t go anywhere today, I’ve been at my computer all day–listening and reading and writing on my blogs–all three of them–“One American Mind,”  “Gayle’s Stream of Consciousness” and this one, mostly about Hurricane Sandy.  I live in Staten Island where we had evacuations along the coast, but I don’t live near the coast, and it hasn’t been very bad where I live on the other side of the island.  At least not yet.  I went outside twice to feed the pigeons who wait for me, no matter what the weather.  However, the two cats and the squirrels that I also feed everyday are not in sight.

I thought this a very cool graphic.

As Sandy Arrives Romney/ Ryan Go Silent on Their Plan to Cut FEMA and Disaster Relief.  Voters should remember that Romney thinks federal desaster relief is “immoral” and “makes no sense.” Ryan opposes it as well.

Source: via Gayle on Pinterest

Occupy Times Square on Saturday Night

“We got sold out, banks got bailed out” 

Last night, October 15, 2011, I went down to Times Square to participate in the demonstration. I left when the demonstrators began marching down from Times Square to Washington Square.

Occupy Wall Street

Voltaire: ‘I detest what you say; I will defend to the death your right to say it’

On October 5th, 2011 visited the Occupy Wall Street demonstration and march in the financial district in downtown NYC. Took photos and made this video. I have a longer video on YouTube.  I’m getting fed up with Obama, and I was one of his campaign workers. I’m afraid that people who feel like me, who will probably find both presidential candidates intolerable, may not vote.  If that happens that will be the same as voting Republican, but I can’t see that Obama is any different than the Republicans regardless of what he says in his speeches. If he could only show a little enthusiasm. When asked about what he thought about the demonstrations, he gave a slow, measured reply that was without enthusiasm and brilliance: “They are expressing their dissatisfaction.” No kidding. The country is crying out for strong leadership, no matter where it comes from. I think most people are still hoping that Obama will get his act together. Only because all the Republicans are even worse. If that’s possible.