Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

For this Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside, I thought I would show some photos of inside subway stations [Paris, London and New York] where I found myself one time or another.  [header photo:  Bleecker Street Station in Greenwich Village, NYC]

Saint Sulpice Subway Station [called the Metro] , Paris, Early New Year’s Morning 1983. The early morning revelers are waiving to my camera.
Nottingham subway station, London.
Nottingham subway station, London. [called the Underground]  I took photos for about an hour, inside the station, until I saw a sign that said “No photography allowed.”

Astor Place Subway Station, New York City, 2013.
Train arriving at the Astor Place Subway Station, New York City, 2013.  After 9/11 no photography was allowed in NYC subway stations, but now they have kinda eased up about it.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

    1. I never photographed subways until I went to London. The only one I missed was San Francisco. When I lived in San Francisco only once did I attempt a photo of a subway or train (I forget now). I was promptly approached by a security person asking me what I thought I was doing. They went to make a phone call and I sneaked away. I don’t know why cities are so sensitive about people photographing their subways.


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