How Oregon is Handling Their Wolf Population

OR-7 (a famous wild wolf) –Click above image to read his story [who in their right mind would want to kill this guy.]

“Even as Idaho launches new and diabolical wolf-killing tactics, the neighboring state of Oregon has become a beacon of hope for wolves and other wildlife.”

(Read my previous post:  Wolves Win a Victory in Idaho)

“Recent census reports show that Oregon’s wolf population is growing…Oregon is becoming a leading light in the practice of non-lethal strategies for keeping wolves and livestock apart. Wolves are dispersing farther westward and are now residing in the Umatilla National Forest and under the watch of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.”  (To me, this sounds a little as if Oregon is pushing off their wolf problem onto the Indians; however, maybe, the Indians are better equipped to handle the problem.)


“Oregon’s most famous lone wolf, OR-7, continues to make news as he wanders along both sides of the California border!”  (OR-7 spotted with coyotes in California–read story.)  This guy gets around.

Wolves and coyotes can interbreed, something like how Neanderthals and Homo sapiens were able into interbreed.

Quotes from 
Defenders of Wildlife Magazine

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