Followup: The Snowy Owl Being Saved at JFK Airport.

“…The Greatest Snowy Owl explosion in half a century has descended on the Eastern United States…” Audubon Magazine (March-April 2014)

snowy owl
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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled The Snowy Owl Being Saved at JFK Airport.  The March/April issue of Audubon Magazine has a story about the snowy owl invading the east coast.

The article says how much the owls like airports because the runways (especially when snow and ice covered) remind them of the tundra where they are originally from.  This causes a problem for airports and flights taking off, and, obviously, a result of the arctic vortex this winter.

Three owls were killed at JFK before, because of public demand, the airport’s trap and relocate policy went into affect.  (if it keeps getting warmer in the Arctic Circle and colder on the East Coast, maybe the penguins will move down here.)

I don’t think this issue would  be getting this much attention if the owls weren’t so adorable.

jet blue
Photo  from Audubon magazine Mar./April 2014.

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