Concerning Energy by Albert Einstein

My primary resolution for the New Year is to increase my level of energy. I plan on doing this by further improving my relationship with God. Because, it seems to that God is pure energy.  Real energy has to come from the spirit and not from anything outside the body or mind.  One can be obsessed, for instance like with making money, and that can motivate them and give them energy to do things, but when the obsession ends, the energy ends.

Some drugs give temporary energy, but that’s superficial energy for which there is a price to pay (both literally and figuratively).  In real energy that comes from the spirit, there is no price to pay (both literally and figuratively) and it is permanent.

Energy is what makes people accomplish things of lasting value.



Update: 1/7/14

I just found this other Einstein quote that, being a woman, I like:


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