weekly photo challenge: ONE


One-of-a-kind pedicab passing the entrance of The Dakota building. located at 1 West 72nd Street, where John Lennon, also one-of-a-kind, was murdered on December 8, 1980.

One day, I was walking on 72nd Street toward Central Park.  When I stopped in front of The Dakota to take a photo of the spot where John Lennon was killed, this pedicab dashed right in front of my camera, changing what would have been a very dull photo into one maybe slightly less dull.  Thank you God for making my photo better.

3 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: ONE

  1. Hi Gayle – I used to live on Staten Island and moved to the west coast 2 yrs ago. I did a post about Staten island you might enjoy, and I will soon put a second S.I. post up. Please keep an eye out for it – I linked to your 2012 story about the sculptures on the beach down at Mt. Loretto. Be well and have a great holiday!


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