Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected (Part II)

RTrainWhile looking at other people’s blogs on this subject, I just remembered the most unexpected thing that ever happened to me in my life.

It was just before Christmas of 2010.  I took the bus from my apartment in Staten Island into Manhattan without any definite purpose in mind; therefore I felt a little bored and at loose ends.  After gulping down a weak and over-priced Cuban Libre at the Boathouse in Central Park, I decided to head for the Whole Foods Market on 14th Street in Union Square: where, after picking up only a couple of items–my social security check was almost gone, and it would be two weeks before my next one–I planned to take the Express Bus back to Staten Island.

I was sitting with one hand in my lap on the “R” subway traveling from Central Park to 14th Street.  When the subway came to one of its stops, a well-dressed man stuffed something in my hand and then ran off the subway.  The doors shutting quickly behind him.  I looked down into my hand and it was a hundred-dollar bill.  I spent half of it at Whole Foods.

Subway station at Whitehall Street, which is the stop for the Staten Island Ferry. This station was severely flooded for months after Hurricane Sandy.

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