Banksy Updates on His Manhattan Tour de Force

Update:  As of October 28, 2013


Banksy Says Latest Greenpoint Piece Is A Response To Rejected NY Times Column

Here we go again:  Update as of 10/27/13–

Life according to Banksy.  (ain’t it the truth)

Here we go again:  Update as of 10/21/13–

A boy taking a swing at a red standpipe on W. 79th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway.  (photo from Tumbir)

Note: for up to the minute updates on Banksy’s in NYC search A.K. Brown on Twitter.

All photos from “The Gothamist” until I can get ones of my own, if I ever do.

See:  Photos, Video: Banksy’s Enchanting Mobile Waterfall Truck: “The Gothamist.”

Yesterday, Banksy announced his latest NYC piece would be a “Mobile waterfall. Touring daily. Tonight – East Village.” The news sent street art fans (Gothamist included) into a frenzy trying to locate the vehicle. Finally, after 7 p.m., the truck was parked on St. Mark’s Place, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, for the Saturday night throngs. (from The Gothamist)


Waterfall Truck Interior

(below) Meat truck full of  crying, stuffed animals touring the meatpacking district.

bansky animals

Stuffed Animals in Meat Truck–Greenwich Ave and 10th street–What was formerly the meat packing district, but now it’s just upscale boutiques and restaurants.

bansky east NY

Graffiti artist Banksy latest art installation in Brooklyn, which has already been defaced.  Beaver ate through No Parking sign.

UPDATE: Banksy Puts Up “Concrete Confessional” In East Village


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