Remembering Mark Rothko (born 9/25/1903)


Mark Rothko was born Marcus Rothkowitz on this day in 1903, in Dvinsk. His family left Russia and settled in Portland, OR, in 1913. It was towards the late 1940s and 1950s, that he painted the works for which he is best known for: blocks of color in luminous washes that create large, contemplative forms on canvas. In 1970, Rothko, who suffered from depression, took his own life. (Ref. Tumbir)

Rothko5“Silence is so accurate.” — Mark Rothko 

I don’t express myself in my paintings. I express my not-self.” –Mark Rothko, born today, September 25th in 1903 (left us in 1970). Painting: Mark Rothko, Green Over Blue, 1956

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