White-Tailed Deer in Staten Island

Almost every morning, I walk through a portion of the Greenbelt area in Staten Island to get to the Greenbelt Recreation Center where I go to work out in their gym.  About every two weeks or so I get a glimpse of a white-tailed deer, but I’ve never been able to get a photo of one–until today.  It’s taken me a whole year to get this photo.

A White-Tailed Deer in Staten Island’s Greenbelt, off of Brielle Avenue and Rockland Ave. (August 19, 2013). The weather here in Staten Island is starting to feel like autumn.

It’s hard to get a photo, because they run away as soon as they sense a person. I was using the zoom on my camera and really much further away than this photo would suggest.  Deer don’t have good eyesight, so if one is very quiet, it may take a minute before they know someone is there.

Sign near where I saw the deer.

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