“Boardwalk Empire” in Staten Island

(header photo:  cars lined up by Veteran’s Park in Port Richmond, Staten Island, waiting for their call)

Update:  (7/17/13)  Below photos are just from Monday, but now on Wednesday they are still shooting, but have moved to a new location on Port Richmond Avenue.  I wrote a post about today’s set on another blog with some better photos.  check it out.  “Boardwalk Empire Shooting in Port Richmond, Staten Island.”

About the most exciting thing that happens in Staten Island is when a film or TV show is being filmed.  Today, a few blocks from my apartment in Port Richmond, an episode of the Cable TV show “Boardwalk Empire” was being filmed.  Very hot today: 90 degrees and people had to stand around in costume for hours while filming.

The set on Henderson Avenue in front of Veteran's Park
The set on Henderson Avenue in front of Veteran’s Park. Filming was going on inside the middle house.


Beautiful old house on the corner of Bennett Avenue and Henderson in Port Richmond, Staten Island. Car is from the film set.  You can see how the houses of Staten Island fit right into the time frame of “Boardwalk Empire.”  Staten Island looks much more like New Jersey than it does the rest of New York.

Port Richmond has many old houses built in the early 20th century, so it makes it a perfect background for this show. My photos mostly show old cars, which many were parked around on the streets. The actual filming seemed to be going on inside the houses so I couldn’t get anything there, but I got lots of shots of old cars.



The crew

One thought on ““Boardwalk Empire” in Staten Island

  1. Cool! You live in a nice nieghborhood yourself then. No need to go to Venice Canals. Having a screen set in your street prove your neighborhood to be worthwhile your stay there.


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