Cicadas Invade Staten Island

The cicada is this insect that only appears every 17 years–this only applies to some of them, because there are different life cycles– and lives for only 4 weeks.  During that 4 weeks it lays its eggs under the soil and it takes 17 years for them to hatch and then there is another invasion of the cicada, which is an obnoxious, albeit harmless, insect.  There seems to be millions of them, but I’ve only seen them in the wooded, greenbelt area of Staten Island.


Since I so go the Greenbelt area of Staten Island almost daily, I’ve been extremely aware of them.  They are over an inch long and they fly right at you.  At the bus stops in the Greenbelt area, there are dead ones lying all over, which has really discouraged me for going to the Greenbelt Recreation Center to work out, something I usually do at least three times a week.  I can’t wait until they are gone, so I can enjoy Staten Island’s woodland areas once again.

The cicadas as a group make a roaring sound that you can hear in the background. When I first heard the sound, I thought it was some kind of road work being done in the far distance, but then I asked someone what that noise was and they said it was the cicadas. As one walks through the wooded areas, it sounds like a space ship is landing from outer space.

A Greenbelt resident stops to listen to the roaring cicada sound like space ships landing from outer space.

Update: As of June 30, 2013, all the cicadas have vanished and will not be back for another 17 years. They only have a 4-week life span.

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