Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

These are photos I took from my flight to Los Angeles from Newark in 2010. I went to Los Angeles for my 50th high school reunion. I graduated from University High in West Los Angeles, January of 1960.

Los Angeles Freeways just east of LAX.
I took this photo when I was leaving L.A. It’s the coast line just south of LAX.
The Hollywood Freeway with downtown Los Angeles in the far distance.  You can see a little of the Hollywood Bowl–about two-third’s down on far right.  This was a very normal smoggy day in L.A. It was really much less clear than this. I used photo software to try to make it more clear.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

    1. My reunion was held at a big hotel near the airport. I went with a high-school girl friend of mine, whose Playa Del Rey home I stayed at while in L.A. I hadn’t been in L.A. since 1984. It wasn’t much different from how I remembered it.


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