2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. In some ways we’ve changed for the better, some ways for the worse. Aging is like that; it’s a trade off . In your Green Belt explorations….are the spring peepers out yet? When I was the resident camp-master at Pouch Boy Scout Camp (1962, 1663) During the Fall, Winter and Spring, I lived right on the shore of Lake Orbach. The spring peepers made a deafening green wall of sound, all night long. When summer came, I would move to a simple cabin without water or electricity, near the dead end of Helena Rd.

    There are many strange trees , like Erwinia, Oriental Maple and Timor Cork that escaped from the arboretum, initially planted around 1900 on the grounds of Sea View hospital, but escaped for many generations. My favorite tree was tulip poplar and the area is characterized by trees festooned with smilax or green briar. To please your nose, grows spice bush, sassafras and stag-horn sumac for making lemonade! To displease your nose try the ever present skunk cabbage.

    Thanks for the previous picture of my Nana’s house at 51 Heberton Ave, now bereft of it’s beautiful leaded stained glass transoms.

    I hope that you can take a detailed photo of the bush with the beautiful white flowers in the front yard; it’s as old as me!! Strangely , I never learned its identity…

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and photos. Did Dorothy really give the advice to babies: “Don’t take any wooden nipples”?

    Gordon Leyte, Philippines


    1. Gordon, sent you a photo of 51 Heberton by email. I have a really hard time remembering names of trees and flowers, but am starting to try. Love Lake Ohrbach. That isn’t one of my favorite Dorothy Parker quotes–I didn’t really think it funny or witty, so I doubt if a baby would.


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