Blue Heron Park, Staten Island, NY– This Morning at 7:30 am

Update: 4/18/13:  Two eggs now in Heron’s nest.  web cam from the Cornell Lab.
Update: 4/15/13 at 2/54 p.m. Just saw a blue heron lay an egg live on the web cam from the Cornell Lab. It looked just like the egg pictured below and the ones I saw around the lake. I don’t know how they got lost from the nest. Very distressing.

SpringPond_April 2013
Spring Pond at Blue Heron Park, Staten Island, NY. Early morning. I saw some blue herons but they were too far away for me to get a good shot, so I started walking closer, but they flew away before I could get close.

Early this morning I visited Blue Heron Park in Staten Island.  I hadn’t been there since Hurricane Sandy.  Like all other areas that are considered Staten Island’s Greenbelt areas, the trees were greatly thinned out and many on their sides, but still the most beautiful place in Staten Island, that I know of.  I think the park service should clear out the fallen trees and bush to make room for new growth.

Blue Heron Park after Sandy
Damage done by Hurricane Sandy
bird egg
This is a Blue Heron egg on the edge of Spring Pond at Blue Heron Park. That is water reflecting the clouds and trees above. There were more eggs around and in the water.

This is the mating season.  

In my previous post is a web cam showing blue herons preening themselves to get ready for mating.  [At least this was what they were up to yesterday.] What upset me today was seeing eggs on the ground and in Spring Pond.  I figure they must have either fallen or been blown out of a blue heron’s nest.  I’m not sure they are blue heron eggs, except that they are so big.  There are also lots of ducks around Spring Pond.  I don’t really know what blue heron or duck’s eggs look like.]

Ducks just waking up
Ducks just waking up
Spring Pond at Blue Heron Park, Staten Island, NY, USA

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