Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Crossing the English Channel on a ship from Calais, France to Folkstone in the UK (1983).  This Black-&-white photo was hand-tinted, something I did back then with most of my black-&-white photos after I printed them on heavy, textured paper, as you can see if you look closely.  In reality, it looked pretty much like this only darker, I think.  At the time, I was sitting in a deck chair on a ship, looking north, sipping a Black Russian, my favorite cocktail at that period of my life. I thought how lucky I was to be experiencing such clear-cut, dramatic lighting and tried to make the most of it with my camera. I also made a copy of this photo with a pink sky, which I want to try to find.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

    1. Textured, matte paper absorbs Marshall’s retouching colors really well. It gives photos a painterly quality that many people don’t like, but I did, since I really wanted to be a painter. Now you can do all of this kind of stuff on the computer.


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