Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Resolved:  In 2013, I will try to create something new every day, or work toward creating something new (i.e, working on a painting), even if it is only taking one photo or writing a few words.  In the act of creating, I am concentrating on the present, and not the past or the future.

Resolved:  This year I will be more active and less passive–more work, less TV (yes, I like television).

The River
If you like this, visit my portfolio on  Saatchi on-line (a project in progress). Click on photo.

“Folk Art Landscape” [(2′ x 4′) oil and acrylic on a board] . I found this particle board that was already framed in a trash can. It looked so perfect to paint on that I couldn’t pass it by. This is the picture I painted on it. My dog Mary, who lived with me for 12 years before she died, is in the lower right-hand corner. That is supposed to be corn stalks in back of the house. There’s a man driving the boat, but you have to look really close to see him. I consider my art folk art.

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