Staten Island’s Greenbelt, Post Hurricane Sandy

The Staten Island Greenbelt is a system of contiguous public park land and natural areas in the central hills of the New York City borough of Staten Island, where I live.

One Week Before Hurricane Sandy

The Greenbelt in Staten Island is the second largest component of the parks owned by the City of New York and is maintained by the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation.  It’s also a place where I love to walk which I often do after I go for a workout at the Greenbelt Recreation Center, which is surrounded by the forests of the Greenbelt.

Photo I took in the Greenbelt on October 26, 2012 — three days before Hurricane Sandy

After Sandy (10/29/12), the Recreation Center closed down because of damage, loss of power, and so many trees down blocking the path for people, like myself, without cars, who walk to it.  Therefore,   I couldn’t go work out, but I started in again today after missing the entire month of November.  For seniors, like myself, the Greenbelt Recreation Center only costs $25/year, and besides the fully equipped gym (one room for cardio and another room for strength building) (open 7 days a week), they also have a computer room, tennis courts, ping-pong, chess, and all kinds of classes (computer, yoga, Zumba, crafts), most of them free.  What a bargain!

[you might like to visit my previous post from March, 2011,  entitled “The Greenbelt Recreation Center, Staten Island, New York” Also I have another post from last year called Staten Island’s Great Nature Trails.]

After Sandy Photos:

Before Sandy there were still brightly colored leaves on the trees (see above).  After Sandy, all the leaves covered the ground.
The Greenbelt on December 31, 2012

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