Brad Pitt, Furniture Designer

Brad Pitt as Furniture Designer

Can you believe?  Brad Pitt, Furniture Designer.  Who knew?

Created in collaboration with furniture maker Frank Pollaro, the Pitt-Pollaro collection, which went on show this week in a gallery in Chelsea, New York, goes under the slogan “Designed by Pitt, built by Pollaro. Made in USA”.

You can see all of the collection here.

Pitt met Pollaro in 2008 when the star ordered a custom-made desk from Pollaro for his chateau in the south of France. Pollaro discovered that Pitt had sketched hundreds of furniture designs and offered to turn them into reality.

I like the elegance of this chair, but I prefer chairs with straight backs. The other items in his collection seem to me would appeal more to men than to women.  This was the only item in the collection that I really liked.  But, everyone has different taste.
This looks like office furniture to me.   It’s like something you might see on “Mad Men.”
Marble Bath Tub

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