Hurricane Sandy–Two Days Later

Today, I took the bus from the north shore of Staten Island, where I live, going to the South Shore of Staten Island to investigate the damage and maybe get some good photos.  I wanted to see the house I used to live in, in Midland Beach, but I couldn’t get anywhere near it because of the water.  The buses were free today and so many people taking advantage of that.  People cooped up for two days wanted to get out and the traffic was horrible.  Even worse because most of the traffic lights at the intersections aren’t working on the South side of the island.  The buses were also making detours which kept me from being able to get off very close.  I did manage to get a few shots to show some of the damage, but these pictures are not the worse of it, because I couldn’t get close.  Still lots of sirens of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances.  I moved out of my bungalow in Midland Beach 3 years ago, if I hadn’t moved I would have lost everything.

Canoe with family on Olympia Blvd. in Midland Beach, Staten Island. 10/31/12

Most places are still closed, but the Stop & Shop on Hylan and Tysens Lane was open.  That store has an eating area with WiFi and it was packed with people with their computers, who don’t have power at home.  Today is Halloween, but I think everyone has totally forgotten about it.  In the supermarket, I didn’t see anyone buying Halloween candy, but just food and a whole lot of cleaning supplies.  I saw one guy buy 3 mops.  The Stop & Shop had lots of empty shelves.

People along Slater Avenue, the street I walked down from Hylan Blvd. hoping to get to Father Coppodanno, which runs parallel to the beach, but didn’t make it because I ran into deep water that I couldn’t cross. People along the street were throwing out all their furniture.

The sky is till cloudy and overcast. This was how it looked today, Oct. 31, 2012, in Midland Beach, Staten Island.
Olympia Blvd in Midland Beach, Staten Island on 10/31/12.  This is about 5 blocks from the beach.

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