Hurricane Sandy–the Next Day

A firefighter will risk his life to save more than humans during this hurricane (photo taken from Pinterest):

My power went off in Staten Island where I live, and it just came back on, but may go off again, so I hold my breath. Staten Island was badly hurt on the south shore. Three years ago, I moved from Midland Beach, on the south shore, to Port Richmond, on the North shore. I now live on high ground, on the third floor, in a brick building, but it was still scary. I thought it might blow the screens off my windows, and maybe break a window, but it didn’t.

On the radio yesterday, they were saying that Con Edison said that power would be back on in Manhattan and Brooklyn in 4 days and in the other Burroughs in a week. Since I live in Staten Island, I was preparing for a week without power, but it came back on, after being off only about 18 hours. You can’t believe everything you hear.

This is a tree in the next block on my Street.  The police have now blocked off that area of the street from traffic.  The tree has fallen against telephone lines knocking out phone service.  That would have been a great tree to decorate for Christmas.

After Sandy in Staten Island’s Greenbelt

4 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy–the Next Day

  1. thanks for sharing the fire fighter saving the doggy from the canal, I hope after this disaster, more good people on earth less destroyer on ground, thanks again, I am glad you are okay, cheers!


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