At Home in Staten Island with Hurricane Sandy

Update: 10/30/12–4:00 p.m–Last night right after I wrote the below update, my electricity went off, and it just now came back on.  I listened all day to a battery operated radio instead of watching TV and being on the Internet half of the day.  I wasn’t expecting the power to come back on so fast.  It was out all over my neighborhood.  All the stores were closed.  On the radio, Con Ed said it was going to be 4 days off if one lived in Manhattan or Brooklyn and a week every where else, so I was really surprised when it came on so fast.

Update: 10/29/12–7:51 p.m.–It’s very scary.  I live on the 3rd floor of a brick building, so I feel safe from damage or flooding.  My only real danger is my power going out.  My internet went down and I turned my computer off, but I just turned it on again and it came back on.  I have Time-Warner as my service.  They seem pretty good.  There’s nothing on TV except for the storm news.  I live near a fire station and I just heard fire trucks with sirens go by.  My cat is sleeping and seems oblivious to all that is going on.

How downtown Manhattan looks on 10/29/12 at 8:00 p.m.  Photo from The Gothamist.

Update: 10/29/12–6:53 p.m.–It’s starting to get scary.  The wind is terrible.  However, I haven’t lost power.  I hope I don’t lose power because I have a lot of food in my refrigerator.  If I stop updating, it will because I’ve lost power.

Update: 10/29/12–4:49 p.m. — I just went outside. The wind is pretty bad but it comes in gusts. I almost got knocked over by a gust. Earlier today I left peanuts out under a tree for some squirrels that I feed everyday and the peanuts were gone when I just looked. It’s not cold at all. I’m glad I got photos of the autumn leaves when they were still on the trees, because after this, the trees will probably be bare.


Since I can’t go anywhere today, I’ve been at my computer all day–listening and reading and writing on my blogs–all three of them–“One American Mind,”  “Gayle’s Stream of Consciousness” and this one, mostly about Hurricane Sandy.  I live in Staten Island where we had evacuations along the coast, but I don’t live near the coast, and it hasn’t been very bad where I live on the other side of the island.  At least not yet.  I went outside twice to feed the pigeons who wait for me, no matter what the weather.  However, the two cats and the squirrels that I also feed everyday are not in sight.

I thought this a very cool graphic.

As Sandy Arrives Romney/ Ryan Go Silent on Their Plan to Cut FEMA and Disaster Relief.  Voters should remember that Romney thinks federal desaster relief is “immoral” and “makes no sense.” Ryan opposes it as well.

Source: via Gayle on Pinterest

2 thoughts on “At Home in Staten Island with Hurricane Sandy

  1. Dear Gayle, Thank you for the high resolution picture of my Nana Ferris’ house at 51 Heberton Ave. I’m trying to identify the bush with the heart shaped leaves and white flowers; it’s been there as long as I can remember. Any ideas?

    Incidentally, my PS 20 graduation picture was taken on the steps of the CYO building across from you in 1957.

    I have been through many hurricanes in Staten Island as a child and remember the extreme flooding that always occurred on the south shore, where you used to live.

    Please be very careful! No need for you to go out. I know that your camera and your curiosity are calling out to you!

    There will be extreme flooding at Port Richmond Square at the foot of Port Richmond Ave; given the tidal surge, the police watch tower is in real danger of being swept away. I hope that the surge doesn’t reach the Dutch Reformed Church, where I was Baptized in 1943.

    I would not be surprised if the bridge over Bodine’s creek at Richmond Terrace and Jewett is washed out. All of these possibilities are based on past hurricanes that I have experienced in Port Richmond; but none so violent as SANDY as intensified by today’s extreme tidal surge.

    We had a typhoon here in Leyte last week with extreme flooding as usual; Just par for the course in the Philippines! We have water, electricity and transportation now.

    So take care….you are too valuable an author, photo journalist and liberal activist to lose!!

    Leyte, Philippines


    1. Gordon, thank you for your comment. I also sent you an email, that’s a little more extensive than this note, because I wanted to attached a couple of photos and I can’t do it to this reply. How did you end up in the Philippines?


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