Obama’s Endorsements

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  1. Salt Lake Tribune Endorses Obama! Since this is Mormon territory, this seems great news!
  2. The Columbus Dispatch endorses Romney, but the Dispatch has not endorsed a Democrat since Woodrow Wilson in 1916.  Read about it on Twitter.
  3. The Denver Post endorses Obama
  4. The Tampa Bay Times endorses Obama
  5. The New Yorker magazine endorses Barack Obama :  Read the article in The New Yorker
  6. Charlotte Observer — Obama (also endorsed Obama in 2008)
  7. Arizona Republic — Romney
  8. Cleveland Plain Dealer — Obama (Obama)
  9. Orlando Sentinel — Romney (Obama in 2008)
  10. Los Angeles Times — Obama
  11. Dallas Morning News — Romney
  12. Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president – October 25, 2012.
  13. The Washington Post — Obama (October 25, 2012)
  14. New York Post — Romney
  15. The Seattle Times — Obama
  16. Winston-Salem Journal--Obama has a keen vision that he has worked hard to achieve, against considerable obstacles and often courageously. But the goal is in sight: An America respected worldwide as much for its prosperity as its defense of liberty and justice. The Journal editorial board endorses Barack Obama for president.
  17. Colorado Durango Herald endorses Obama: When couched in straightforward terms, the answer is clear: President Obama should be re-elected. He has done a reasonably good job handling an almost unprecedented economic mess – a situation that has proved far worse than anyone knew as it developed… Republican Party has offered no credible alternative. Its platform consists of little more than nostalgia for the 1950s, and its presidential candidate largely remains a mystery. 10/20/12 –
  18. Des Moines Register: Mitt Romney (10/27/12]
  19. The New York Times:  We enthusiastically endorse President Obama, who has earned a second term; Mitt Romney offers dangerous ideas, when he offers any. (10/29/12)
  20. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC endorses Obama (10/31/12)
  21. The Economist endorses Obama. (8/3/12)
  22. The CEO of Starbucks endorses Obama (8/4/12)


Source: itunes.apple.com via Liz on Pinterest

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