The Self-Made Man

Going from helping the poor to President of the United States, before he was 50, seems far more successful, to me, than anything that Romney has done.

I think it is Obama who has done everything on his own, which is the definition of the self-made man. Pres. Obama got student loans to get through college, which he paid back, because he is responsible and not a government freeloader as Romney seems to think of all people who get government help. I think this only shows how important student loans and Pell Grants are to the future of the country. They can help a potentially great man to realize his greatness. Romney wants to assuage Pell grants and student loans.  Since he never had to receive a student loan, he doesn’t understand how important they are to some people.  It’s doubtful that he even cares.


Source: via Nancy on Pinterest

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