From Farm to City: Staten Island, 1661–2012

Currently, The City Museum of New York  is presenting an exhibit called From Farm to City: Staten Island, 1661–2012.  (Since I have lived in Staten Island for the last 30 years this is of interest to me.)  Staten Island has lots of interesting history.

It highlights the history of changing land use on the island that has been an important part of the life of New York and its harbor for over 350 years. The exhibition illuminates Staten Island’s varied history as home to farms and fishing ports, small towns and suburbs, resorts and estates, industry and business, parks and wetlands, and dynamic and diverse downtowns that continue to reinvent themselves. New panoramic color photographs by Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao capture the varied and often striking vistas of Staten Island today.

A companion Web site, Mapping Staten Island, provides visitors with an interactive porthole through which to explore historic maps and unrealized plans for the Island, upload their own photographs, and explore Staten Island through the centuries.

The exhibition is a co-presentation of the Museum of the City of New York, Staten Island Historical Society at Historic Richmond Town, and the Staten Island Museum.

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