Grandfather Romney’s Wives

Grandpa Romney and his many wives (not true)

10/18/12–Update:  I just learned that the above photo, which is floating around the Internet as Romney’s grandfather, is bogus.  Read “comments.”  The photo below however is accurate.  Romney’s grandfather had 5 wives.  The people in the photo above are circus people.

It is said that we cannot discuss this as it would be intolerant to discuss Mitt Romney’s religion or family history. People can call Obama a Muslim, say he was born in Kenya, but people cannot discuss anything about Mitt that just happens to be true – like which one of these ladies is Mitt’s Grandmother?  That why Romney’s father was living in Mexico, because Romney’s grandfather wanted to practice polygamy and it was too difficult here.

10 thoughts on “Grandfather Romney’s Wives

  1. Wait…I forgot. Exactly how many wives did Obamas FATHER have? Back in the 60’s, you know when he was married to at least two of them at the same time, then went on to marry 2 more, and have children with ALL of them? Yeah, that was Obamas DADDY, the polygamist, or bigamist, you choose. I wonder why he doesn’t bring that up…hmmm.


  2. Notice that the hair is waved, as if recently plaited. Most women of the time kept their hair “up” or braided during the day, only taking it down at night for brushing (I remember my own great-grandmother doing this)–probably not even every night. I expect their hair was let down for the photo.

    I think any consenting adults who want to marry should be allowed to do so, no matter their genders or numbers.


    1. Jennifer, thanks for your comment re: grandfather Romney’s wives. I’m sure you are right and have revised my post. The photo doesn’t look accurate. For one thing, the photo looks too old to be Romney’s grandfather. I’m older than Mitt and my grandparents looked much more modern than the people in that photo.


      1. Thanks, Gayle, for the correction. I enjoy genealogy and studying history, and happen to have a lot of polygamists in my family history, so I was intrigued. Here’s the scoop on Mitt Romney’s ancestors, as far as I can determine it. His great-grandpa, Miles Romney, did have the 5 wives pictured with Mitt above. You can also Google Miles Park Romney and find pictures of him with some (not all) of his wives. Mitt is also descended from Parley P. Pratt (his great-great grandfather), a prominent Mormon who had 12 wives and was actually murdered by the estranged husband of one of them. Lots of info if you Google him, too.


  3. The hair thing has me puzzled too! I live in FL and the heat of long hair would be unbearable. And the one in the middle, perhaps the most recent bride in the group?, has hers dragging on the floor! Wouldn’t that be awfully dangerous/dirty? Think of the bills their plumbers send for keeping their drains clean! OK, thanks for letting me get that off my chest!


    1. I figure that they must comb each other’s hair, and that might be for the purpose of establishing a tighter bond between them. However, who wants to spend half the day combing hair. The advantage for the women of being one of many wives is that each doesn’t have that much housework to do. If there are 7 wives, that means in one hour they could get as much housework done as it would take one woman 7 hours.


    1. Olivia, the photo looks authentic. I hope it is. I don’t know how someone would come by it. How is it that people are allowed to make up lies about Obama’s religion and family history, but no one is allowed to make legitimate comments on Romney’s religion or family history?


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