New York City on the Hudson River

Something just happened that inspired me to make this post:  While on Pinterest, which I’m presently consumed by, I found these fantastic architectural drawings by this architectural firm in Greenwich Village called:  Giuliano Fiorenzoli Architects.  These are the most beautiful architectural drawings I have ever seen.  I decided to make this post to which I will add, by and by, photos of New York City along the Hudson, even though I already have many on other posts.  The value of Pinterest is finding new things that would never have found otherwise.

Manhattan Meets the Hudson River–an architectural drawing by Giuiano Fiorenzoli
New York City along the Hudson River–photo by Gayle Alstrom (6/2012)–This photo was actually 4 photos combined to make a panoramic.
NYC City View from Hudson River
Another shot of NYC from the Hudson. The trees are Riveside Park in Morningside Heights.
Battery Park on the Hudson
The Westside on the Hudson

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