Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

(photo below) I thought this was related to “Dreaming” because it’s a double exposure that doesn’t make too much sense, often as when we are dreaming.  It’s kinda all mixed-up like dreams sometimes are.

This was an accidental double-exposure that happened when the film in my camera didn’t advance and two photos were taken on top of each other. [This was the real old-fashioned camera where you had to manually advance the film.] One shot was of the Hungry i entertainment establishment on Broadway in North Beach, San Francisco, and the second photo, the man on the right is the photographer Richard Avedon signing autographs at an opening-night gallery showing of his in 1980 in San Francisco.

The man sitting on the curb,  juxtaposed with Richard Avedon, was our local derelict and nut case, who lived on the street .  The Hungry i sign is backlit by the scene at the gallery.  (This photo was published in an art magazine, and the whole thing was caused by a camera malfunction.)

When I first started doing photography about 30 years ago, I, myself, would print my B&W photos on heavy paper and then hand-tint them with Marshall’s photo paints, as you see in the header photo for this post of San Francisco Bay.

North Beach, San Francisco, 1983
This photo of the Thames River, I took in London in 1982. Houses of Parliment are on the right. I just put it here because I think it has a dream-like quality–which was caused by it not being photographed entirely in focus.   I always thought it looked slightly Turneresque.

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