An Architectural Cruise up the Hudson River

Last night through an organization called Open House New York, I took an architectural tour up the Hudson River on a beautiful cruise ship called the Hornblower.  The ship left from Pier 40, which is on the Hudson at Houston Street, then travels up the Hudson past Morningside Heights to almost the George Washington Bridge, then turns around and returns to Pier 40.  On the way back, the ship’s guide points out  and gives lots of history concerning the important buildings on the New Jersey side of the river.

Lower Manhattan with Unfinished New World Trade Center Building

In my video the narration didn’t come through good so I eliminated it, but I still hope someone might enjoy it.  Below are a few photos I took.  You might notice that I have a thing for sailboats.  It’s just that I think that sailboats around Manhattan add so much to the overall landscape.

This is the Morningside Heights area of New York City as seen from the  Hudson River.  Morningside Heights is located above the Upper Wise side.  These institutions reside in the Morningside Heights area:  Columbia University,  Barnard College, the Manhattan School of MusicBank Street College of Education, “Grant’s Tomb“, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine,  Riverside ChurchUnion Theological SeminaryJewish Theological Seminary of AmericaInterchurch Center and St. Luke’s Hospital.  The trees are Riverside Park.
Grant’s Tomb (left) and The Riverside Church in Riverside Heights in the borough of Manhattan

The Riverside Church is an interdenominational American Baptist and United Church of Christ church famous for its elaborate Neo-Gothic architecture and its history of social justice. John D. Rockefeller built the church with his own money for Harry Emerson Fosdick (May 24, 1878 – October 5, 1969), a famous 20th-century Baptist Minister, to preach in, because Rockefeller was such an admirer of his.

Top of Empire State Building
From rear of cruise ship going up the Hudson river.  Manhattan on the left and New Jersey on the right.  Between the two is where the Hudson meets the Atlantic Ocean.

After the cruise, I took the Staten Island Ferry back home to Staten Island.  It’s very hard to take a night photo with a hand-held camera, without it turning out blurry, from a moving boat . I think the only reason this photo came out this clear was because the boat was moving straight back from the shore and not horizontally to it.  Also, I balanced my camera on the boat’s railing.  My camera is an upper-end point-and-shoot (Nikon Coolpix P-100).

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