NYC Swim

This morning, I caught the #10 Express bus from Staten Island going into Manhattan. After exiting the bus at Battery Park, I began walking by Battery City on the boardwalk along the Hudson.  Soon I came upon this event, called NYC Swim that had just begun in South Cove:  thirty-eight swimmers attempting to swim around Manhattan Island.  It was a perfect swimming day–low humidity and about 80 degrees or so.

I made the above video and took a few pictures.  I also put the video on YouTube.  The YouTube version is less shaky and has a different sound track, but you’ve also got to tolerate ads.  To review the race results.

Swimmers and Kayakers on the Hudson Attempting to Circle the Isle of Manhattan
Fellow Blogger and Kayaking enthusiast Vladimir Bresina in red Kayak and Blue Shirt

For some really great photos of swim visit this blog Wind Against Current.

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