My Flower Photographs (1983-2010)

Robert Mapplethorpe’s flower photographs are the best I’ve ever seen.  He is my inspiration.  I have quite a few photos of cacti because I visited L.A. in 2010 and took lots of photos of their wonderful succulents.

Green  Aeonium.  Venice Canals in Venice, California, 2010
One of my first photos. Taken on the canals in Venice, California
Los Angeles 1984
Succulents (Los Angeles 2010)
Pink Cactus on the canals in Venice, California (2010)
Daisy (Los Angeles 1984)
lily (Los Angeles 1983)
bird of paradise printed in negative form. (Los Angeles 1983)
An Iris that resides in Staten Island, NY (May, 2012)
Succulents in Southern California (Canals, Venice, California 2010)

4 thoughts on “My Flower Photographs (1983-2010)

  1. occupy oakland
    I found myself browsing the popular occupy oakland area on yahoo news reports and discovered a backlink over here and needed to come look into what you have here. I can tell why those peeps considered you were valuable enough to link to now


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