I Love Paris

I just got through watching the movie “Midnight in Paris.”  I  thought the best thing about it were the Paris scenes. I can’t see what was so great about the screenplay to win an Academy Award or even be nominated for one.  I thought that the Rachel McAdams character and her parents were painted too much like caricatures.  You know from the first time you see the young couple together that they are so mismatched that they will end up separating and then the viewer just waits through the whole movie for him to come to his senses about his relationship with the girl.  The film has no plot surprises, but, like all of Allen’s films, it has that certain charm.  In the whole movie, I only found one slightly interesting conversation.  That was the one where Gil talks about living in one’s own time when he is visiting in La Belle Epoch.  I fast-forwarded through some of the movie because I was so bored.

However, watching this movie made me start thinking about my own Paris experience.  I spent the last week of 1982, alone, walking around Paris with my camera. It was one of the loveliest weeks of my life.   I loved Paris so much, I couldn’t wait to go back again, but I never made it.  Now I really want to try to visit again.  Back then I had a Nikon FM camera and took photos mostly in black and white which I often hand-tinted.

The Boat on the Seine
Aux Deux Magots Cafe, 6, pl St-Germain-des-Pres (hand-tinted) where I ate breakfast on my first day in Paris.
Children I encountered in the Tuilleries Gardens (b&w photo Nikon Fm 1983)
On the Left Bank of the Seine (hand-colored)
Dogs by the Seine being left off the boat to exercise
Looking under Paris Bridge. Hand colored with watercolor pencils.
Self-Portrait--in my room at the Hotel Bonaparte (December, 1982)

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