Art Postcards

The Art Postcard are postcards that artists design themselves and then exchange with other artists.  Or, they can just be post cards that people have added their own art to.  There are also gallery exhibitions of art postcards. It’s fun to exchange cards and build a collection or maybe even a relationship.

Last week I received my first one from UK abstract artist Andrew Parkinson.

“No Flag” by Andrew Parkinson (acrylic and marker pen)
PostCard by Lord Marmalade
Pablo Picasso postcard to Jean Cocteau, St.-Raphaël 1919
by Eduardo Osorio, , Loanda 1910
A hand-made Spanish one-of-a-kind card from 1904: the flower done in ink and gouache. Much foxing, some grime, but nonetheless oddly attractive in an old and slightly ‘greasy’ sort of way. I just finished reading Zoe Heller’s novel Notes on a Scandal (from which the film with Judy Dench and Cate Blanchett was made) and it had some of the same characteristics. Fusty, besmirched, a bit foul. But choice nonetheless.
by Louis Adroit
by Genninne Zlatkis via Jamacia Byles

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