My New Year’s Day 2012

Since this was the first day of the year, a holiday, I wanted to do something that I would enjoy–that’s feasible I mean. I decided to go to Central Park, eat lunch at the Boat House, and then walk around and take some photos along the way. I didn’t get any earth-shattering photos, but it was a beautiful day considering it’s winter in NYC. The Pond in Central Park had water in it, which it never does in the winter, although there were no model boats, probably because no one expected it to have water in it at this time of the year. It was warm today, considering it’s winter–around 50 degrees–and sunny with no wind and few clouds. Anyway, below is a video I made and some of my photos. I added the Gershwin background music to try to make it more exciting.

You will notice that it doesn’t look like all that many people in the park, but I think because it was New Years, people get going later in the day. As I was on the bus going home, the streets in Midtown and downtown were extremely crowded. People in the park seemed bored. There was a squirrel in a tree and many people–including me– were crowded around taking photos of it as if that was some big thing.  Not very many street musicians out in the park.  Perhaps they were taking a holiday, too.

Happy New Year from Central Park!

2 thoughts on “My New Year’s Day 2012

  1. HI Gayle, nice video. The music works really well, I like the way it blends in with the other sounds (e.g. the sax player in the park) I looked at some of the other music vids here too – Foggy Day is great!


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