Diego Rivera Murals on Display at MOMA

Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera Poster at MOMA (It's beyond me why anyone would choose this Rivera painting for a poster to represent him)

Visited the Museum of Modern Art in midtown NYC this morning to see the Rivera Murals which are on display now at MOMA.  I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the exhibit, but I found that I could buy postcards of the two Rivera Paintings that I liked the best, which are his paintings of his version of New York City.  I love this city.  I also love paintings with clear, clean lines line Rivera.  I was able to take two photos:  the one of Rivera which is outside the exhibit and the one of the Rivera poster.

Frozen Assets by Diego Rivera

This picture’s message could apply today just as well as NYC back in the 1930’s. Perhaps that’s the reason Rivera’s work is now being shown again. The theme being the difference between the rich and the poor. The middle, yellowish, band with the guard in front are what look like Mexican laborers sleeping.  Hard times seem to bring out much more social commentary in art than during the better times, because art is just another way of communicating our feelings.

Electric Power by Diego Rivera

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