The Robert Rauschenbergs in MOMA’s Permanent Collection

Yesterday, a gorgeous day in Manhattan, I visited the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown .  On exhibit were works from MOMA’S permanent collection.  I felt overwhelmed.  I took lots of photos of art works I liked that I hadn’t seen before.  I seem to go for the very textural works.  I am especially liking Robert Rauschenberg at this time in my life.   I like art from found objects because I do a lot of that myself.  I’m a dumpster diver–which is what I think we are called.

First Landing Jump (1961)

Cloth, metal, leather, electric fixture,cable, and oil paint on composition board, with automobile tire and wood plank. “He composed this from a rusted license plate, an enamel light reflector, a tire impaled by a street barrier, a man’s shirt, a blue lightbulb in a can, and a black tarpaulin, as well as paint and canvas.” This is my kind of artist.

Bed (1955) by Robert Rauschenberg

A framed pillow, sheet, and quilt then scribbled on them with pencil and splashed them with paint. These bed clothes were Rauschenberg’s own, which makes it something like a self portrait.

(untitled c. 1952), This work is two canvases, one above the other. The line through the middle is where they join. It's a little hard to see here, but there is newspaper, the August 3, 1951 issue of the Asheville Citizen. Asheville, North Carolina is near Black Mountain College, where Rauschenberg was a student, underneath the light brown paint.

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