Sum of Days by Carlito Carvalhosa

When I visited the Museum of Modern Art last week to see the deKooning exhibit, I also saw this exhibit called Sum of Days by Brazilian artist Carlito Carvalhosa [born 1961].  MOMA usually has at least one exhibit that is participatory and this is the one going on now. It consists of shear, gauzy white, circular, curtains, about two floors high, that you have to maneuver through to get to the center of them.  As you can see the people in the video trying to get through them.  The experience of walking through the curtains to get to the other side of them, I found a little frustrating.  It wasn’t all that enjoyable.  However, it’s fun to have an exhibit that one participates in.  The stark white curtains are broken up by hanging microphones that record the sounds of the museum and then play them back.

Click here to visit Carlito Carvalhosa own website

Looking down to first floor of the Museum from far above with white curtain on left.

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