My Day Today in Central Park

Today was the first day of sunshine all week, and the streets of Manhattan were very crowded as well as in Central Park. So much traffic that I had a hard time getting home because the busses couldn’t get through all the traffic. I finally got about the last seat on an express bus home to Staten Island.

Going through downtown Manhattan on the bus, I saw news trucks from all the major channels; ABC, NBC, CNN; parked on Broadway and wondered what was going on. Once home, on the news, I heard that it was all about Strauss-Kahn who finally found an apartment in downtown on Broadway. I don’t understand why all the newspeople are bothering him so much only to get another photo.  We all know what he looks like already.  If the media hound him too much, he will start to attract sympathy.  I think that if Strauss-Kahn manages to get out of this mess, the money that it is costing him is a lot of punishment. However, I doubt if he will get out of it.  This seems to me another episode of that modern phenomenon  “The Good Wife.”

I also visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art today, which was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it.  That was mainly because of the exhibit, aptly titled “Savage Beauty,” of Alexander McQueen’s dresses.  The line for this exhibit was so long that I didn’t want to wait in it, but I plan on going back next week when it isn’t so crowded.

I managed to glance in the exhibit room while walking by and saw a couple of his dresses.  Totally gorgeous.  I can’t wait to see the exhibit.  If McQueen had known that he was about to get an exhibit at the Met, he probably wouldn’t have killed himself, on the other hand, if he hadn’t killed himself, he probably wouldn’t have gotten this exhibit at the Met.  I’ve never witnessed before such instant fame so soon after someone just died.  Before he killed himself, he was just another haute designer for the wealthy.

[I wrote another post (with slideshow) on the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met, after I saw it, that you might be interested in reading]

Visited the roof garden at the Met that just opened for the season on May 1.  It’s usually open only from May 1 until around November, depending on the autumn weather.  This year they are showing steel sculptures by Anthony Caro on the roof.  The sculptures are nice, but nothing terribly exciting like they had last summer–a house made from Bamboo.

Visit my new post on the Anthony Caro exhibit on the roof garden at the Met.

2 thoughts on “My Day Today in Central Park

  1. Another great post! I can’t believe you battle public transportation in the city! Your dedication to getting out there is amazing! Have to say, I don’t know who the Strauss guy is, but I think I’m glad I don’t follow the news. He sounds like another despicable human lol! The rooftop garden sounds lovely. Are you a Met member or are there some places within that are free? Hope the weather holds out and you have another glorious day to write about soon! Cheers!


    1. Kim, thank you for your comment. Yes, I’m a Met member. I can’t wait to get back this week to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit. I’m just waiting for some decent weather. Since I’m a senior, I only have to pay half price on public transportation, otherwise I wouldn’t be going into the city as often as I do.


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