Public Art in New York City

Today I traveled into the city even though it was raining. I saw a lot of public art which I took videos and photos of and then made the above video when I got home. One reason I love this city so much is the public art that is so much everywhere, plus the great buildings by great architects. Today I rode on this subway car (the shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central Station) that was painted on the inside like a rain forest, even the seats, and on the outside had a frog on it. I always liked graffiti, when it was good, but institutions like the MTA seem to only approve of representational painting. Anyway, I hope you like my little video. I just got a new computer yesterday in order to make better videos. At least now they will be in H.D. Presently, both a teddy bear and a lady bug have an artistic presence on Park Avenue in NYC.

Visiting the Trump Bar

While I was walking around the City, I got very tired. I was near the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. Trump has a bar there called The Trump Bar. Such an original name. I was so tired that I went in and ordered an Irish Coffee. It was the worse Irish Coffee I’ve ever had in my life. The coffee wasn’t hot and the  bartender, whom I can’t believe ever went to bartending school, put a lemon twist in it. Have you ever heard of an Irish Coffee with a lemon twist? And no whip cream on top.  I don’t think I’ve ever had an Irish Coffee anyplace on earth where they didn’t put whip cream on top.  I should have said something, but I never do. On top of that, it cost $13.50, when every where else in New York, it only cost $9.00 for an Irish Coffee even in the high-end restaurants. My advice–when in NYC, stay away from the places that mainly cater to tourists. New York seems too expensive to tourists. That’s only because they don’t know where to go. When I recently visited L.A., L.A. was just as expensive as New York City, as far as the normal places to eat go–not the tourists traps, which usually are in or near hotels.  In New York City, the tourists’ traps are mainly in Times Square, are anything associated with Donald Trump, and around 5th or 6th Avenue and 57th St.–the heart of midtown.

I found this video on Youtube of an Improv filmed in the Trump Tower Building.  The bar is on the level above the escalators and next to them. Of course, I couldn’t be so fortunate as to have something like this happen while I’m there.

I love these improve’s. I wish I could witness one.

Teddy Bear on Park Ave. Sculpture by Urs Fischer, a Swiss Artist

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