“Winning” My Film Based on the Life of James Joyce

Currently, I am plowing through Ulysses. It’s going to take me forever, because I look up words and read commentary on each chapter as I go. My reading, with a few words influenced by a certain current event dominating the news this week (talk about your stream-of- consciousness. It was like a person’s stream-of-consciousness being released on the outside of himself into the media), gave me the idea for my above video.

When I read, I don’t get ideas for books to write, but I get ideas for videos I want to make. Maybe this is only a temporary thing with me, but I’m really having so much fun that I think I will keep doing it until I find something else that is even more fun.

My stream-of-consciousness thought for today, but once I release it outside of myself, it’s no longer stream-of-consciousness:

In Ulysses, Stephen says “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.” I believe he is referring to Ireland’s history, but this quote works on many different levels. It could also apply to our own personal history. Isn’t our personal history, in other words, past bad memories and unfortunate events and lazy patterns established, something that we need to get over, in other words, awake from. All these bad memories (nightmares) from the past, cause sleep or withdrawal from the world in present time–keeping us from being totally awake.

[Joyce considered Stream-of-Consciousness a technique to be used in writing, not a style or a genre.]

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