More of the Abstract Expressionist Exhibit at MOMA

The following is a slide show I made of photos I took yesterday when I once again visited the Abstract Expressionist Exhibit (October 3, 2010–April 25, 2011) at the Museum of Modern Art (aka, MOMA) in Manhattan. I’ve been back a couple of times to see the exhibit. Since I’m a member, I don’t have to pay for my individual visits.

I just signed up for this class next month at the Guggenheim on Abstract Expressionism. It’s a six-hour class in which one learns about Abstract Expressionism, sees examples in the museum, and then the students get to paint a painting of their own in that style. How groovy is that?

Abstract Expressionism was the first art movement in which the United States took the lead, and MOMA greatly facilitated that historic event in art.

Willem de Kooning was an illegal from Holland, so it shows that some illegals can make a real contribution to the American scene.

Previously, I made another film on this exhibit, if you would like to check it out. It called the Abstract Expressionist Exhibit at MOMA.


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