Today in Staten Island

Taking photos, and then making this video from my photos, is pretty much what I did today, besides going to the market and walking home a mile through a snow storm, and doing laundry when I wasn’t on my computer. Ended the day painting little ridiculous designs while watching American Idol and then Blue Bloods.

All in all, I would classify my day as moderately productive. This is the neighborhood in which I live in Staten Island.  It’s one of the oldest and poorest neighborhoods in Staten Island, but it has some beautiful old houses.  Port Richmond has a large Mexican population, which is great for me because I’ve been studying Spanish for some time.  This was one of the first areas settled in Staten island back in the 1600’s. There was a Revolutionary War Battle fought here in what is now Veterans Park. Veterans Park is the oldest park in Staten Island.  The Veterans in the name refers to the veterans of the Revolutionary War.  Port Richmond has lots of history, which I love, having spent several of my college years as a history major.

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